Breaking Even

by Mark Jones & Twenty Paces

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released May 27, 2014



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Mark Jones & Twenty Paces Houston, Texas

Fusing country and rock-n-roll, this Texas-bred band admits to playing only two types of songs—“the ones they write and the ones they like.” This simplistic approach to music keeps adoring fans flocking to live shows. With more than 200 performances under their belt, Mark Jones and Twenty Paces are set to release their debut studio album, Breaking Even, in Summer 2014. ... more

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Track Name: Fast And Free
Building forts on Willow Creek, ten years old playing hide and seek.
Finding ways to pass the time
A hammer, nail some two by fours. Couldn’t wait ‘til we done our chores
Then out the door we would fly

Just some kids being kids, doing what mom and daddy did
Not twenty years before
Only living for the day, the only way we knew
Wild eyed, fast and free.
Ride your bike to the corner store, check the flyer on the front door
That old dog is lost again
Through the fence around the back, put your pennies on the tracks
And watch the trains roll on

Then came gasoline and girls, four wheels to take you ‘round the world
‘til you dug those pockets clean
Swing by to pick her up at eight, home by ten. Don’t’ be late.
Her old man would always say
Track Name: Love Again
A six pack in on a Sunday, another lazy afternoon
Checks his watch with the clock on the wall, it’s a quarter past two
Fumbles the keys in his pocket, plans his great escape
Says out loud I can still make Jackson, as if to seal his fate

I’m gonna love again. Though it won’t’ be today
I’m gonna see this through, gonna find a better way
And if I fall apart, I’ll leave the pieces where they lie
Like the autumn leave I’ll weather the storm til my heart finds wings to fly
He’s worn holes in the soles of his shoes, trying to find something real
He’s been taped where he was torn like a worn out dollar bill
She said she needed time and space, so he took her at her word
Now he’s starring down that interstate as the tears fall from her face.

Just like the colors of the aspen, his thoughts come and go
Every time he thinks of her, in his heart he knows…
Track Name: This Time
You might know my name, or even where I’m from
Which way I’m headed or the reason that I run
But you’re a bad habit, one that I can’ break
I’m helplessly addicted to your game of give and take

But this time, its too far gone. What the hell am I supposed to do?
Drive around in circles trying to find my way to you
And this time, its way too late. We both said goodbye
When I didn’t have the answers to your questions, or the reasons why.
Sometimes I catch you starring, like you want something more
Than to just be noticed for the way things were before.
Your touch it always lingers on the back of my hand
You play by all the rules but still don’t seem to understand.

Just when it feels right, the situations wrong
Like there’s a missing piece, one that doesn’t quite belong
The grass is always greener, on the other side
But we’ve been down this road and it’s not worth another try.
Track Name: Austin
This town never shuts down
Troubles always hanging 'round,
And I'm tired of waiting for the lights to burn out
Walking down these dirty streets
My hearts turned cold as concrete
And I don't think I'll ever be the same

I keep telling myself, tomorrow things will change
Its time for me to wake up, tomorrows become today

So maybe I'll go home to Houston
Or San Antone ain't far away
I'll be moving on, I guess I stayed a little to long
I never liked Austin anyway

I guess I knew from the start
This all would fall apart
And I'm tired of waiting for the flame to burn out
Living in a faded dream
Getting bored with our routine
And I don't think, I'll ever be the same

You can call if foolish, you can call it lame
You can call me lonesome, you can call me the one to blame

So maybe I'll go home to Houston
Or San Antone ain't far away
I'll be moving on, I guess I stayed a little to long
I never liked Austin anyway

This town will build you up just to break you down.
Through the music and the noise your breaking heart is the only sound you'll hear
Its life on thirty five, man you never get nowhere until you're out of town
And you can put the hammer down

So go on home to Houston
Some friends in San Antone say they've got a couch where I can lay my head
I'll be moving on, I guess I stayed a little to long
I never liked Austin anyway
Track Name: Lead Foot
Dew drops on my window. Falling down like drops of rain.
I get up. Try and start my day.
Searching for my blue jeans left over from the night before
I put them on one leg at at time
An empty pack of cigarettes lying on the bedroom floor
A box of matches hanging out the side
Where’d I put my truck keys, I find ‘em hanging from the dash
I climb on in and take her for a ride

Cause I’ve got a lead foot with nowhere to go
Driving myself crazy, going with the flow
I’m treading water, I keep on going under.
Looking for the map to where life goes
Searching for the answers nobody knows
For now I’ll keep chasing my dreams, the only way I know…
Maybe I’ll pack a suitcase, take half of everything I own
And point my wheels for the west coast
Or I could talk this guitar, turn that pickup on around
Plant my roots somewhere in Tennessee.

I could make the border by morning, see the sunrise in my rear view
On a cup of coffee, half a tank of gas.
Call the family from a pay phone. Tell them that I’m long gone
But, not to worry. They won’t miss a thing.
Track Name: Who's to Blame
Promised you forever, but I guess it wasn’t good enough
You turned your back and fled when push came to shove
Bought you that diamond, all shiny crystal clear
Now, just like your memory, it won’t disappear

Now I sit in this house each night all alone
The echoes of a future barely holding on
And I open up my eyes, each morning the same
And I’m staring at myself, wondering who’s to blame
They say time heals all, but I’m still waiting on that day
When I don’t hear your footsteps walking away
‘Round here there’s people still talking, the same old he said she said
And I hope that you’re happy lying in the bed that you made

Rumors came and went, just like the love we shared
Played your game, talked your shit and acted like you really cared
Track Name: Falling From Grace
You’ve been on my mind, Its pretty easy to see
Just like an old broken record, you just won’t let me be
You were out of my league, and I was out of a chance
But, I let my guard down, when I asked you to dance

Now I’m all alone, and I can’t find the door
‘Til I pick up the pieces of my heart off the floor
I knew better to fall, but girl you made it so damn easy
You were there like an angel, when I was falling from grace
We both played a part, in this dangerous game,
But it was too much too soon, you never felt the same
So I played my cards, raised you all in
But you folded your hand, and ran straight back to him
Track Name: Home Tonight
The street lights seem brighter on this side of town
Been standing in their glow ever since the sun went down
Beat up and broke down like the wheels that brought me here
The stars light up the midnight sky on a night this clear

And they’re shining like diamonds in your eyes
And the way you’re looking at me it feels so right
Can I take you home tonight?
Walking downtown, you’re holding my hand
We’ll dance the night away to some rock ‘n roll band
A princess in blue jeans, the bell of the ball
I’ll spin you round and round and round the floor, cause you’re the fairest of them all

I pull you close, and kiss your face.
I get lost in your embrace
You’ve got me smiling, girl you’re smiling too
I can taste it right there on the end of my lips, I want you…
Track Name: Breaking Even
I guess you finally figured out, I wasn’t what you really wanted
And, I can’t blame you. Girl all my memories they’re haunted
Now you’re moving on, and I’m still looking for direction.
Maybe its time, for a little resurrection.

It’s too bad things turned out the way they did.
Smiles and laughter, tears and words un-said
Looking from the outside in, you were always leaving
Looking from the outside in, we’re both breaking even.
Hey I’ve read the good book. Sang along to all the hymns.
Even though it’s been a while, since I talked to him
And I’m starting to realize. You never needed my affections
I guess by now, I can handle the rejection.

You might just break me down, If I hang around to long
But, I’m holding on. I guess you never were that strong
You were next in line. Baby please understand
There’s always someone to turn to, before it gets out of hand.
Track Name: Mountains
I want to feel the wind, on my face
Where the sun shines down, from a higher place
From a higher place
Where the air is clean, and the eagles fly
God paints the clouds, like castles in the sky
Like castles in the sky

You can’t make me move against my will
You can’t make me move against my will
You can’t make me move against my will
When I can’t see the mountains, for all the damn hills
Where the river cuts, through the stone
As its makes its way to the great unknown
To the great unknown
Where spirits live, within the tress
And they shape the land between the seas
Between the seas

On the day I die, wont you take me home
To the timber line and free my soul to roam
And free my soul to roam
Won’t you free my soul, free my soul
Won’t you free my soul, free my soul…
Track Name: Would You
Its high time for me to be leaving, I’m so sorry I could not stay
I’ll show myself to your door, If you’ll just point the way
You offered your table, A place to lay my head
And for that I am grateful, my soul forever fed.

Would you walk with me? Would you keep me company?
Would you carry half the load, through the rain wind and snow
When I stumble and I can’t bear it anymore
Would you take my hand, as I’m reaching out to you
When all my hopes, all my dreams, start to unravel. Would you?
My boots are worn and muddy from walking all the miles
I can see my knees through the hole in my jeans they’ve been blown out for a while
Still my fingers tell the stories of all the hands they’ve shook
And the lines on my face read like the pages of a book

If I asked you to, would you chase the setting sun?
When my days are dark and I’m coming undone.
Track Name: What's The Point
I’ve built walls around my heart, to keep you at a distance
They’re far too high for any man to climb.
And you’ll say that it’s my fault, when I meet you with resistance
But the stones you throw they add up with time.

You use your words like a hammer, trying to nail me down
I just board up the windows and the doors
And you you’ll say that I was wrong, even if you don’t believe it
The battle turns into another war

You say what’s the point in fighting boy, we’ve got you surrounded.
We’ve laid siege to everything you claim.
I can feel the cold steel of a rifle at my back.
And I ask you what’s the difference, when the triggers in your hand.

A man should know when he’s defeated, take his pride and walk away
Yet history will prove that it’s not true.
My fight be not in vain, if the story is remembered
That I stood up, against the likes of you.