Dew drops on my window. Falling down like drops of rain.
I get up. Try and start my day.
Searching for my blue jeans left over from the night before
I put them on one leg at at time
An empty pack of cigarettes lying on the bedroom floor
A box of matches hanging out the side
Where’d I put my truck keys, I find ‘em hanging from the dash
I climb on in and take her for a ride

Cause I’ve got a lead foot with nowhere to go
Driving myself crazy, going with the flow
I’m treading water, I keep on going under.
Looking for the map to where life goes
Searching for the answers nobody knows
For now I’ll keep chasing my dreams, the only way I know…
Maybe I’ll pack a suitcase, take half of everything I own
And point my wheels for the west coast
Or I could talk this guitar, turn that pickup on around
Plant my roots somewhere in Tennessee.

I could make the border by morning, see the sunrise in my rear view
On a cup of coffee, half a tank of gas.
Call the family from a pay phone. Tell them that I’m long gone
But, not to worry. They won’t miss a thing.


from Breaking Even, released May 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Mark Jones & Twenty Paces Houston, Texas

Fusing country and rock-n-roll, this Texas-bred band admits to playing only two types of songs—“the ones they write and the ones they like.” This simplistic approach to music keeps adoring fans flocking to live shows. With more than 200 performances under their belt, Mark Jones and Twenty Paces are set to release their debut studio album, Breaking Even, in Summer 2014. ... more

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